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Tel: 039 682 1238 / 078 747 9106


Nkosikhona Shezi

1KZN TV is a community-based television station in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal province. The station prides itself on its mandate to groom and showcase local talent. The station is reflective of the rich culture and history attached to the warm KZN province as it is also host to the proud Zulu Kingdom. The rich bouquet of programs range from traditional music to sports, from current affairs to Zulu Kingdom affairs, from offerings for the little ones to profiling local legends. With every viewing the viewer is thrust into the melting pot of culture that is the KZN province. At 1KZN TV we try our best to market this beautiful part of the country.
As our slogan goes, Kanye Nawe, we really are together with you.

Abi Consulting

Lucky Khayelihle Nzama

1ABI Consulting pools together a variety of resources to assemble all forms of structures in a streamlined and thorough process. ABI Consulting specializes on the following services:

Town Planning Department, Property Development, Strategic Planning and Agreements, Geographical Information System, CIPC Services, Design and Tax Related Services.

Tel: 039 940 2718

Adnotes (PTY) LTD

Nkosinathi Mbele

AdNotes is a 100% black youth-owned and managed broadband technology solutions provider that is licensed by Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) to operate and provide Internet services in South Africa. AdNotes is one of active pioneers of TV White Space technology in Sub Saharan Africa. We apply appropriate Wireless technology to suit specific customer requirements. AdNotes brings TVWS Equipment deployment and configuration expertise to inform the BoQ quantities that are informed by network planning studies to go into the commercial model

Tel: 083 209 0858

Aerial Operations and Intelligence (Pty)Ltd

Brad Maers & Clive Shunn

Aerial intelligence is a company focused on supplying drone and aerial technology solutions to farms in Africa. Brad Maers and Clive Shunn are passionate entrepreneurs and aviators wanting to make a difference by creating opportunities for young disadvantages people in Africa.

Tel: 076 947 3228

Asakhe Hardware (Pty)Ltd

Sithunywa Mamela

Asakhe hardware is an online building material supplier based in Durban. It was formed to create a convenient shopping experience for the working class in Durban and surroundings, Asakhe has conducted a feasibility study on the need of supplier of building material and has identified significantly undeserved need for a reliable online building material supplier. Asakhe Hardware intends to build a real and deep understanding of building and relevant to the sector and also assist in building critical competencies that are vitally important to
render professional service to all its clients.

Tel : 067 186 3060

B4G Media

Prince Gumede

We are a leading Social Media Agency

Offering following services;

  • Copywriting
  • Content Strategy
  • Community Management

Tel : 062 191 2233

Balance The Lifestyle

Balance is a visual studio that focuses on telling stories of our diverse cultural heritage using photography and merchandise as mediums of expression to best communicate our philosophy and vision.

Tel : 083 564 5068

Website :


Beedale offers a fully integrated hardware and software solution for beekeepers. Our smart beehive management system tracks vital health and productivity metrics of a bee hive. Beedale delivers remote monitoring capabilities to beekeepers who want to optimise their operations and decrease costs. Beedale also incorporates commercial elements related to the bee and honey industry to benefit beekeepers of all scales

  • Smart Beehive Management System
  • Pollination Services
  • Honey and Bee Products

On-Line Beekeepers equipment and Sales Management App

Tel : 081 363 9875

Website :

Blaqlife International (Pty)Ltd

BlaqLife was conceived as a meeting point between art and science aimed at enlarging the frontiers of entertainment and multimedia. It has been one of the leading local broadcasters catering for fans through music, TV, artist interviews, exclusive downloads and events coverage connecting people through culture. It is the place where creative inspiration meets technological innovation, thanks to the talent of a number of professionals who create new solutions aimed at informing, entertaining and thrilling the audience.

Tel : 0711361311


BLK SOIL is a brand development and marketing company that seeks to develop a strong and long-lasting brand identity for our clients. We help clients identify, grow, and retain customers to create a sustainable company. We aim to always be innovative and the first choice as a supplier in our field.

Tel : 072 375 3070

Compus Training Institution (Pty)Ltd

We specialize in:

  • I.C.T Training
  • Computer Supply
  • Animation
  • Television Production

Tel : 081 727 9924

Crossword IT (Pty)Ltd

Our core business range from:

  • Computer Training (Computer Literacy)
  • Digital Training (Email Revolution, Hacking, Online Payment Systems)
  • CBT / E-Learning (Online Learning)
  • Online Opportunities / Investments ( Money Online- Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing)

Tel : 084 922 9050

Emakhuluseni Kuhle Enterprises (Pty)Ltd

GABHISATV specializes in Multimedia & Graphic Design; Television & Video Productions; Photography and Special Projects Management. Founded on experience, professionalism, and passion; GABHISATV is PRECISE IN EXECUTION from the very birth of an idea, right up to final delivery.  At the helm of GABHISATV is Gabhisa Khuluse whom, with 15 years of experience in the media production industry, established the company in 2016 having recognized a need for innovative audio-visual production in KwaZulu-Natal. Our mantra is simple and sharp, mirroring the principles of our leader: work hard, respect one another, focus on service excellence, think out of the box, communicate effectively, stay disciplined, be punctual, radiate love and happiness.

Tel : 074 4613 719

Enspired Women Magazine

Enspired Women magazine is designed to educate, promote, and inspire women in their business and daily living, by sharing Business Tips, Mentorships Programs, and Access to Funds Information, Fashion, Recipes and Health & Beauty Tips.

Our Vision is to encourage women to be Brave & Bold, to never give up and never stop dreaming.

Our Mission is to share success stories with youth in business, emerging new entrepreneurs and SMME entrepreneurs.

Tel : 064 764 7661

Future Xperts

Future Xperts (Pty) Ltd was founded by Shereez Moodley in 2021. Future Xperts is an online platform providing personalized one to one tutoring sessions and packages for Grades 8 to 12; stress management coaching sessions for students, teachers and employees in the workplace and lastly Human Resources services and Soft skills training.

Tel : 063 841 2266

Goldstar Services

Goldstar Services is a vibrant learning institution located in Port Shepstone in KZN, founded in 2021 by Penelope Thulisile Raulla. We are accredited by AgriSETA (AGRI/c prov/1863/22). We focus mostly on developing the skills for the youth, people with disability and black female and companies that need to upskill their employees through our SETA accredited courses.

Tel : 073 956 8831/063 144 9446

Harvest Business Consulting

We render services to small businesses and start- up enterprises in business information and communication capacity building and coaching.

Tel : 084 011 6596


Heartbeat Training Academy (PTY) LTD


“Learn what to do Before, During and After and Emergency With Heartbeat ” an accredited health and safety Training Academy

Tel : 071 623 4775/ 084 448 6248

Hydro Blu

Hydro Blu is a geospatial data science company that was established to improve the accuracy of borehole drilling in remote and vulnerable regions by enabling hydrologists  to make data driven decisions when identifying suitable locations to drill. The overall objectives of the company is to increases access to sanitary water supply for both human consumption and agriculture practices in previously excluded areas.

Tel : 083 560 1667 / 082 325 4136

Ikhofi Animation (Pty)Ltd

Ikhofi Animation is a niche services company providing cost-effective, cutting-edge animation, motion graphics, and video editing services to a range of diverse clients.

Tel : 031 825 3831

Website :

Incrementum Group

SMEPLUS is an all-in-one business solution system that is built mainly for small businesses. It gives you as business owner a pilot perspective of your business, where you stand and mostly where you should go.

Tel : 083 401 8995

Innovate Logistics

Innovate Logistics plans to remove the inefficiency in the logistic sector by relying on technology and innovative concepts. Users download the app and are immediately able to order shipments, receive competitive prices and notification of shipment delivery status at any given moment. They are also able to communicate with their service providers if need be. In terms of service providers, Innovate Logistics has now opened the door for all registered businesses, which encourages small business owners to join and market their services and prices. It’s also a great avenue for service providers to manage their loads more efficiently and effectively, allowing for potential growth.

Tel : 076 452 4272

Instore (Pty)Ltd

Instore (Pty) Ltd Sales & Merchandising Solution – Instore is a platform that enables retail sales and merchandising teams in the field and maximize their contribution to sales.

The platform will provide functionalities that will allow the field teams to:

  • Collect organize and share data from the field.
  • Take orders and notes and submit in real-time.
  • Create reports through, Images, comments on current promotions, etc.
  • Create customers once and accessed by all users.
  • Calendar management for Appointments, follow-ups, promotion start/end, deadlines, etc.
  • Promotions management, create, schedule and designate promotions, by store/area/region.
  • Track their own progress, new orders, visits, areas so they can improve their own future visits.
  • Communicate directly with other users and the office, through Direct Messaging.

Create group chats that have the relevant members to maintain effective communication

Tel : 082 786 3344

Insull Energy

EZ HealthID is an innovative, interoperable healthcare solution that aims to make healthcare easily accessible to all persons and assisting healthcare practitioners in providing world class care.

EZhealthID features:

  • A proprietary mobile appointment booking app which allows patients to book appointments at allocated healthcare facilities with instant confirmation functionality.
  • A healthcare facility Management App allowing patients to be checked in via biometric fingerprinting, a virtual waiting room assisting with reduced waiting times, cloud storage of all patient records and treatment history which will be available across all health institutions and anywhere in the country, an online referral system for ez referral to specialist facilities, an automated/online dispensing system allowing ez scripting and dispensing of medication using biometrics and a comprehensive reporting system for statistics and health facility management.

Tel : 079 817 1500

Kwabheje Holdings (Pty) Ltd

KWABHEJE HOLDINGS is a service-oriented company established two years ago by a South African with a vision to create a first class integrated services and other business solutions within the South African Country. While various services are offered our core business is the Photography Production, art technology, Small Business Solution Services follow-up to work for you and your company needs, Detergents Manufacturing for your home and industrial use,
Health and Safety all precaution majors needed in the working place and Agricultural Services Farming and Processing.

Tel : 078 650 7812

KZN Sound and Light Production (PTY)LTD

A sound, videography and film making production to attain radical transformation, inclusive and sustainable economic growth for KwaZulu-Natal as a whole.

Tel : 083 316 0880

Mageba Agri

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Market sector tracking
  • Complete market intelligence outsourcing
  • Market entry strategy
  • Major investment decision support
  • Procurement strategy advisory
  • Business plan support
  • Customer targeting & referencing

Tel : 082 845 2271

Maluju Legacy (Pty)Ltd

My company is offering the service of Media. We do Photography, Video filming, Editing videos and Design photobooks. We are looking forward to doing the best for all South Africa citizen and the whole world. Maluju Legacy can be trust we give greatest service to all our clients.

Tel : 073 859 3446

Mamfusi Holdings(PTY)LTD

  • Business Support Service and Solutions through Training
  • Assess knowledge and skills of learners
  • Assists in skills audits by assessing employees to determine skills gaps
  • Assess evidence for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Managed Services
  • Facilitation of Accreditation with SETAs and other Professional and Certification Bodies locally and International
  • Development of Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)
  • Submission of the WSP to the relevant SETA
  • Advise and assist on the implementation of the WSP
  • Draft Annual Training Report (ATR) on the implementation of the WSP
  • Advise on the quality assurance requirements set by the SETA
  • Act as contact between SETA and employer
  • Serves as the resource on all Skills Development aspects
  • Leadership Development Programmes

Milisa Global Media (Pty)Ltd

Registered on 26 October 2015, Milisa Global Media identified a gap for more inspirational media platforms. The organisation pursues making a positive difference in people’s lives. We are an online media company that produces social media content to create social awareness on pressing matters hence the tagline, “Arts and Media for Positive Development.” We seek to reinvigorate those with lost hope, empower the unemployed, strengthen the vulnerable, and keep communities informed. Our brand encompasses empowering and transforming lives digitally and through interactive initiatives such as community outreach programmes. Our key aim is to generate content that edutains while creating sustainable careers for the unemployed and upholding a standard of excellence in our work ethic.

Tel : 065 982 8907


Serving clients through the defined services, ensuring quality and responsibility upon clients though company registrations, company amendments, Sars Tax Pin, CSD Registrations, CIDB Registrations, SARS Tax Returns and Company Address Change.

Tel : 067-341-0352 / 064 527 3135

Mosen Technologies (Pty)Ltd

Mosen Technologies (Pty) Ltd is an ICT company based in Durban and Johannesburg with over 5 years of experience in ICT Desktop Support, Networking, RF, FTTh, FTTs, FTTb, having successfully installed over 1000 home drops for Link Africa and over five sites for MTN(HUWEI) as build. Mosen Technology has completed various Certifications which includes CISCO, Fibre Optic Design and FTTh Specialist and we have attended training under Liquid Telecom for Fibre Optic Technician

As an ICT company, we offer general ICT Services and Products:

  • ICT Hardware and Software Sales, Installation, Upgrade and Support.
  • Domain, Website and Email hosting and Support
  • Website Design and software Development
  • Wired/Wireless Local Area Network Design, Installation, and support.

Network Multifunctional Printers Sales, Installations, Support and Maintenance

Mzansi Smart TV

Mzansi Smart TV is an online TV channel, Based on the lower South Coast of
KZN. A first of its kind in South Africa.
We are a fully operational TV Channel, having multiple TV programmes which cater to different audience.
Ours is a Local, Mzansi based content for the local and global audience. We create local content, showcasing local talent which is produced by local filmmakers from local production houses, in this way we integrate businesses, we provide a platform for skills development, and we create job

Tel : 071 623 4775

Nanostream Blu (Pty)Ltd

Nanostream Blu aims to use its expertise to address the education crisis in South Africa by developing advanced educational institutional management systems and improve teaching strategies that benefit both students and educators. The company strives towards improving the educational experience for youth with a particular focus on those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. NSB aims to achieve by adapting traditional models of education with modern methods of learning through the use of data visualization and animated simulations for complex concepts.


  • Software development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Research

Tel : 067 060 6985

Nerisha Designs

N Designs is a graphic design, signage and media company based in Port Shepstone, KZN. The company was founded by Nerisha Moodley who has 10 years of experience in her field. We specialize in signage, branding and personalized gifting.
It is our goal to establish the first female owned and run signage business on the South Coast.

Tel : 031 825 3831/ 082 756 8442

Nobuhle Media House (Pty)Ltd

Nobuhle Media is a multifaceted creative agency.

We specialize in:

    • Corporate Design & Mass Printing
    • Digital Marketing & Promotions.
    • Corporate Events, Photoshoots & Company Profiling
    • Corporate Events, Adverts& Animation
    • Equipment Hire, Event Planning, Security & eTicketing

Tel : 076 2957835

Website :

Nubia Promotions (Pty)Ltd

Nubia Advertising and Promotions is a Visual Brand Communications providing 360° integrated marketing and branding solutions to companies needing assistance with effective brand messaging.

We provide innovative tools and dynamic platforms that help our clients achieve business excellence.


  • Advertising (Idea Conceptualization , Production, Campaign Management)
  • Graphic Design and Printing
  • Corporate Clothing and Gifts
  • Mobile And App Development

Tel : 081 558 2111

Residency Creative Studio

A design agency specializing in design, content, strategy, and events based in Port Shepstone in the Lower South Coast of KZN. Residency is founded and run by Sizwe Zulu and Mongezi Langa, two individuals who believe visual communication design is the language of the future.

Shazacin Accessible Media (Pty)Ltd

ShazaCin Accessible Media (SAM) is an innovative young company operating in the digital space, making visual content accessible to visually impaired persons through audio description. SAM is the first company to specialise in Audio Description in Africa. Working with local talent on local content, we provide audio description in English and local languages. SAM is a proud partner of the SmartXchange incubation programme in Durban, South Africa.

Tel : 084 712 5428

Sikephi App (Pty)Ltd

SikephiApp was started in 2018. SikephiApp is a Zulu word which simply means ‘Where we are?’, The business name simplifies the business course

SkephiApp aims to achieve the following:

  • Increase number of commuters by improving commute experience.
  • Frequent updates to commuters.
  • Instant communication between PRASA and their employees. Passengers need to be notified about changes and update to their specific line route.

SikephiApp mobile app features:

  • Updated timetable
  • Nearest train station
  • Current location Google map
  • Option to choose when to get updates of a specific train

Tel : 067 190 7756/ 078 956 4827

Sincadu Production (Pty) Ltd

We provide training in Movie Technology, Drama / Acting, Radio presenting and producing. We shoot short films, events, music videos, cooperate functions, weddings, live streaming etc.

Tel : 072 123 3474

Siyeza Media (Pty)Ltd

Mthokozisi Blessing Mhlongo

Siyeza Media (PTY) LTD is Complete Photographic and videography/cinematic solution company for Weddings, Commercial, Documentaries, Memory lanes, hiring and coordinating of professional photographers for all occasions. The company was established in 2013
and has proven itself as a trusted service provider. We have been creating success stories, capturing images for major events, regional brands and SMME businesses for over 15 years . In short, we are creative & tech agency specializing in brand development and management, photography & video filming.

Tel : 081 040 0511

Skye International Consulting (Pty)Ltd

Zaid Bhoola

Sky Radio aims to produce on air content that is thought provoking fused with passion, vision to take our audience on a journey that is real.

Tel : 078 332 2150

Smart Portzone (Pty)Ltd

Sinesipho Mudutshane

Our APP integrates, tracks, and reports key stakeholders, namely, foremen and operational (ops) managers within the operation of loading and offloading of cargo within the port precinct. The innovation allows for attending to an array of delays and emergency situations whilst allowing for reporting. This APP aims to improve the level of efficiency in the port thus allowing for quicker turnaround times of vessels birthing and disembarking. This will assist in alleviating congestion at the port which shall have substantially positive effects on not only our maritime economy but the economy at large.

Tel : 061 585 6455

Snezwe Trading and Projects (Pty)Ltd

Zelibanzi Nkonyane

We are a tech company that is committed in providing small to medium businesses and organisations with high-definition technologies that are mostly found in big businesses.
We are based in Durban South Africa, but we don’t allow our location to limit us in doing business around the world. Our business is to turn manual operation into digital operations to enable speed, accuracy and precision in organisations and business.
SSS is a company that brings exciting technology products that innovate managing and operating styles.

Tel : 083 788 1912

T J and PALS SA (Pty)Ltd

TJ’s World is a cross platform, cloud based, learn as you play preschool and kindergarten in one Super App.  It is a fun and entertaining mobile kindergarten designed and based on a highly researched, integrated curriculum which includes literacy, math, social skills, and emotional development.

Tel : 078 295 4321 / 064 593 7200

Tech Net SA(Pty)Ltd

Misizi Basil Khumalo

TECH NET SA puts its main focus in providing the latest, reliable Computer Systems, Network Security, Cloud Infrastructure Implementation and Administration. Basic Computer Courses, Computer Hardware and Software. This provides advanced knowledge, increased productivity for students, end users. Government Facilities, small businesses to large corporates. We are supplying the latest products of high quality and we also provide the best friendly service at a very competitive rate.

Tel : 067 141 6629

The Get Me Company (Pty)Ltd

Allain PJ Martin

Welcome to GetMe South Africa’s new freelance on demand home/business services platform where we’re dedicated to giving you dependable customer service. During his service as a police officer at the South African Police Service our founder Allain PJ Martin witnessed the dire need for young South Africans to find employment In an environment where skilled and casual labour isn’t fully utilized. With so many who do not have access to online advertising agencies and resources their potential Is unappreciated and squandered. This contributes immensely to our unemployment crisis and poverty In an economy that Is already so fragile. Clients searching for freelance workers or artisans find it difficult to find such labour and online searches can prove to be expensive. This is why GetMe is dedicated to bridging the gap between clients searching for affordable reliable services casual workers and artisans looking to make a sustainable living.

Tel : 078 573 8171

Uggu Training Academy

We provide education, training and skills development in the IT Space which also includes Technology in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. This includes training via learnership programmes.

Address : 5 Walnut Road, Durban, 4001

Tel : 031 023 0514

Whatsapp : 078 855 7096

Ukuphila Kwezwe Accountants (Pty)Ltd

Ntando Phewa

Ukuphila Kwezwe Accountants provides tax & accounting solutions to businesses & NPO’s. We offer the following services:

  • Accounting services
  • Company & NPO registration
  • Business plans
  • SARS tax returns

Tel : 064 522 4736

Umntente Environmental Consulting and Safety Planners

We strive, by focusing on the triple bottom line to achieve sustainable development through negotiated solutions for win-win environments. We enthusiastically support the development of women in the workplace.



  • Basic Assessment Report
  • Scoping & EIAR
  • EMPr


  • Dust sighting bucket
  • Laboratory testing
  • Dust report


  • Atmospheric Emission License (AEL)
  • National Atmospheric Inventory System (NAEIS)
  • Dispersion modelling


  • Norms & standard registration
  • Waste Management License (WML)

Tel : 073 383 4233

Website :

Umsuka IT Solutions CC

Bongani Dlamini

Umsuka provides one stop ICT services & solutions for businesses and public sector. We provide cost effective customized solutions for your business. Umsuka is focusing on providing professional ICT services and IT business solutions, cost‐effective software development, web, and mobile application developments, Onsite and Offsite IT Support, ERP and Business Software Consulting.

Tel : 083 991 6497

Visual Network SA

Nerusha Sadapal

Nerusha is the founder of visual-network-sa , a one stop store for movie productions. The company assists productions with locations, accommodation, transportation, Catering, crew and cast referrals. She studied BA Law at UKZN and then moved onto Digital Media in Building brands. She has worked on over 30 productions local and international, is a brand ambassador for Bayade! Royal Collection, city producer of the 48-hour film project. She has been recognized as the Top 50 Personalities by Eastern Eye Magazine.

Tel : 061 752 2169/ 061 112 2169

Vuka Conference Equipment (Pty) Ltd

Vuka Conference Equipment (Pty) Ltd is a company that was created by Technicians for Technicians.  This unique team of Technicians that has been specially selected to meet the needs of Clientele requiring services for Interpretation , Conference Equipment , Audio Visual, Digital Recordings .

The company established in 2017 is a level 1 contributor to broad-based BEE.

Vuka Conference Equipment (Pty) Ltd have branches in Durban , Johannesburg, and Cape Town that comprises of technicians that have worked on a variety of events including major events such as COP17; BRICS Summit, Mining INDABA, UN Meetings, and many more.

Tel : 076 692 6366

Zenotha IT Solutions (Pty)Ltd

Zenotha IT Solutions (PTY) Ltd (ZITS) was established by Zenzele Liberty Mbatha in 2016, it is an Information Technology solutions service provider and also Skills Training Provider, ZITS is there to help customers, organizations better manage their information through the
development of bespoke information management systems and in our skills program
sector our goal is also to empower young minds in technology.

Tel : 076 068 7701

Ziphelele Rural Development Academy Primary Co-Operative Limited

Ziphelele Rural Development Academy Primary Co-operative Limited is 100% black owned. We are a Primary Co-operative that is set to be highly competitive in training, mentoring, and coaching, manufacturing industry not only in the South African market, but in Africa as a whole.


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