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Innovators Name: Jochen Faber

PeakPoint has been developed by our team of financial and IT executives to assist you keep your finger on the pulse of your cashflow and working capital.

Innovators Name: Scelo Nciki

This innovation is about the creation of a mobile application (APP) which will be structured and utilised for online concierge service requests.

Innovators Name: Eljerel Naidoo

Innovate Logistics is a start up tech company that has utilised technology and smart partnerships to disrupt and remove the inefficiency in the logistic sector.


Innovators Name: Bilal Kathrada

Rithmetic is a unique and innovative App that assists students with improving their Maths skills. In essence,

Innovators Name: Nitesh Ramsaroop

The Road Traffic Management System (RTMS) is an industry-led, voluntary, self-regulation accreditation scheme that encourages road transport

Innovators Name: Abigail Kemper

TaxiMap is a social enterprise start-up, providing information on minibus taxi routes, fare prices and hours of operation to all commuters online

Innovators Name: Dr Zjunaid Khan and Mrs Tasneem Mooll

EZ HealthID is an innovative, interoperable healthcare solution that aims to make healthcare easily accessible to all persons and assisting healthcare

Innovators Name: Prime Human Performance

Individualized specific high intensity altitude training is the researching of individual variation that is seen with simulated altitude training,